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Trinity Women Graduates is an association open to all female graduates of Trinity College Dublin and also to female graduates of other recognised universities who live in Ireland. Originally founded as Dublin University Women Graduates Association as  on 25th April 1922, it held its inaugural meeting in Trinity week that year.

The association’s aim is to keep women graduates in touch with the university and with each other.

Following its foundation in 1922, it was given rooms in Number 6 where members met weekly for tea, organised special lectures, and published a newsletter.

In 2016 the association passed a unanimous vote to change its name to Trinity Women Graduates (TWG).

What we do

  • Organise a varied programme of cultural events, social gatherings and outings for members
  • Organise lectures with guest speakers during the year
  • Support the Trinity Access Programme (TAP) with an annual bursary
  • Operate a Bursary Fund which provides a small grant to a number of women graduates suffering financial hardship.
  • Lobby and debate on issues of importance:
  • TWG is a member of National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI)
  • A member of Graduate Women International (GWI)
  • TWG organises a national public speaking competition for girls under 15
  • TWG supports Consent Workshops for the student counselling service.

Members of TWG are also part of a global network of women graduates – Irish Federation of Women graduates (IrFUW), Graduate Women International (GWI) and University Women of Europe (UWE). Representatives of TWG attend international meetings as voting delegates.

For further information on TWG please contact us at

2019 TWG Committee


President: Angie Mezzetti

Vice-President: Meadhbh Hand

Honorary Secretary: Sharon Bowers

Treasurer:  Patricia Golden

Committee Members:

Laura Fryday Membership Secretary

Prof Deirdre Ahern

Lucy Corcoran

Lorna Jennings

Martina Mulrine

Geraldine Leahy

Grace O’Malley ex officio

Aoife Price

Teresa Trainor


Other Roles:

Lunchtime Theatre & Public Speaking Coordinator: Madeline Nesbitt

Enjoying Summer Gathering at Airfield in July
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